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Long Life Productions's View's On MONEY and LIFE!!!

Blessings people of earth..are you living the life you wanna live?ask yourself!
i have a simple formula that you can apply to ease perception of needs and wants in life!
1st i ask that you write down all your monthly needs and wants in life and think BIG from diapers,monthly bills,clothes,piff,dream car,gas,wtv...
2nd add that up and divide it by 30...
3rd with that daily amount you now have,aim to acquire jobs in fields you dont consider work and aim to acquire you daily expense x7.BUT keep in mind i said think BIG which means MOST of the things on your list aren't even required in your monthly spending...if you dont spent 200 on them Jordans or travling or the super stupid car you would actually be saving allot and not be spending so much time at work for no reason...LEARN,LIVE,LOVE n EAT HEALTHY.

Quick question..If money is just the means of getting what we want n need what do we NEED money for?Could information and natural technology replace the monetary system?


M’City Solo is an engaging and driven individual who is now ready to take his place in the music industry as the next rising star. He was born as Khalyil Rouse Bakel on November 25th, 1984 in Montreal and by the age 11 was already beginning to write lyrics. Overcoming obstacles as a youth, M’City Solo evolved into an artist with the drive to give back to his community and in 2007 with his brother, he co-founded the Music With Meaning Tour.
The Style
M’City Solo is a dynamic artist. Able to create relevant music in a variety of genres, while staying true to his own style, which was primarily influenced by the music ranging from New Edition to Wu Tang. Yet his music has the influences of a broad range of styles, including Green Day and Nirvana, giving his sound a maturity beyond his years.
The Music
He is the 1st Montreal hip hop artist to get a production deal with Akon’s Hitlab and has countless mix tapes to his name. He recently released his highly anticipated EP entitled MONTREAL, which displays Montreal’s diverse cultures with different genres of music ranging from Rock, House, Electro, Hip Hop & Reggae. The EP is currently available for download on iTunes and is receiving rave reviews from M’City Solos fans.
The Future
2010 is a busy year for M’City Solo. In the spring he will be touring in 10 cities across Quebec, followed by a tour with Nubian Vanguard Collective in June, and in December he will be opening for TIKEN JAH FAKOLY. And of course, M’City Solo will continue with the Music With Meaning Tour next spring and is expected to do 35 shows in the Montreal area. And finally, fans are eagerly awaiting M’City Solos album “A walk through reality” which will be released in the near future.


In his early teenage years, Magnum 357 already knew his calling was music. Growing up listening to inspirational rap heavyweights such as Mobb Deep and the Notorious B.I.G, Magnum 357 broke out to become the voice of his community, his people, and his city. Born and raised in Montreal’s neighborhood of Little-Burgundy, he quickly gained recognition among his peers, setting off a buzz around his unique, commanding style. Over a decade later, Magnum 357 is now on top of the game as one of Montreal’s best-known, and most respected hip hop artists. There is no denying that this local celebrity will soon be hitting the global stage.


Milli Millz was originally born in Barbados and now resides in Montreal, Canada. At age fourteen Millz was freestyling and battling anyone who would take on the challenge. By the time he turned 17 he was given an opportunity to work on three respected Northern Lights mixtapes. Questions about who this new young rapper is and where he came from became the talk of the town. Millz has gone from the streets to the studio with momentum that cannot be stopped.

This young Canadian is ready to spit jet fuel back into the engines of hip-hop. Those who see Millz at work know that rap and the art of rhyming and flow is obviously a natural gift he possesses. To add to his reputation for versatility, he is a punch line machine! Never losing a freestyle battle and being able to bless a track with an undeniable hot 16, he was hit with something that would forever change the motion of his career; writing for radio. While tackling the obstacle, the song "Paperboi" was born and it was a success. "Paperboi" received great praise, receiving approximately thirty-five thousand plays on MySpace with absolutely no professional promotion and winning the “Battle of the Tracks” contest on local radio station K103.7.

He is currently working on an original mixtape album called "HIGHWAY TO MILLZ”. Being the motivated artist that he is, Millz has also released a few other promotional projects to keep his fans satisfied until the official tape drop; Jay-Z and Weezy Week are both available for free download at www.JayzBeatWeek.com and www.WeezyBeatWeek.com.