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Long Life Productions x @TrehLamont x Lovers lane launch

Long Life Productions x @Ceasrock feat @Borden100 - Aquafina (live)

@CeasRock : Real Life Hats

Ceasrock has just released a NEW line of Montreal represented Real Life fitted and snap backs.This is his second line of hats due to the success from his first batch of styles.The Real life snap backs are like a breath of fresh air and are going to create a serious buzz on these Montreal streets.You can find the Mix tape Exception and his new line of hats at http://www.facebook.com/ceasrock.Inbox him for details. LL


Monalisa a.k.a hypnotik tha Mistress was delivered to earth to serve her time in the city of Montreal, state of Quebec, Canada on December 16th. Primarily grew up in the streets of Rosemont/St Michel, Monalisa started lyrically expressing herself by the young age of 13. Being 100% Italian she brings the attitude and confidence the underworld of this rap game wants and needs. Her first breakthrough in music came in 1995 by the name of RedRum in a group called Twin Mindz...where the world, not knowingly would start taking a trip into Monalisa's hypnotizing mystic mind. Music being her only remedy and way of deeply expressing herself, her mission was now to share her feelings about life experiences, struggles and random obstacles she was left to deal with since her youth which gave her the strength and courage to pull through. Music also allowed her to let out the steam and reverse negativity to positivity forming creativity driven by emotions, passion and experience.

After trying out a few labels, she came to the conclusion that the determination to support, invest in herself and for her dreams was there, therefore like a soldier did and has been doing what it takes to keep rolling and moving forward ALSO knows as m.t.l'z first boss lady. The Crunk Mistress brings versatility to her rapping and singing, flow mixed with swag, full throttle energy and hype...but most importantly always straight from the heart. Convinced to make it and attain her goals, she introduced herself in the game by dotting herself widely on the map. That led her to work with a couple of local record labels and numerous artists where she gained experience and slowly but surely started rising from the concrete and gaining the notoriety she deserves. As well as being a former member of the Twin Mindz, she is also a former member of the female movement that was known as the M.T.L's Murdah Mammiez which ended in mid 2009. The Mistress has now taken on her role as a full independent artist that's ready for anything.

Monalisa is the definition of sexy with a taste of mystical crunk and a hardcore twist of hypnosis which originates her addictive style. Determination being her key to shine and fulfill her dreams, the mistress of crunk was exposed as one who not only concentrates on hard edged rhythms but also as a symbol of explicit sexuality...2 areas that have long been the territory of male rappers. Following along side with her rhyming skills, it was inevitable that this underground star would continue cultivating her career by bringing a more provocative and raw taste to the scene...making a big impression with her sex appeal through blazing hot photo shoots and videos! Monalisa started experimenting with modeling in 2005 and throughout the years she did a few photo shoots with various companies which led her to discover the love she has for it.

Confidence, dedication and belief... Lights, Camera, Action! The pictures speak for themselves...a diamond in the rough or a star in the making? ...either way striving to the top and the sky is the limit for this rare specie. On a higher note, that sense of comfort didn't only boost up her photos but allowed her to give her all in front of the cameras for her first video of her single "Cocoller a moi"; launching at the end of '09 which is a feature with a well known local artist: Sans Pression,and billet dans ton sting (money in my g string) coming right out of the many tracks on her mixtape; Monalisa: The Mystic Storm, that was launched in late August 2009. Also as upcoming news...a little leak on Monalisa's breakthrough on a new COMMERCIAL DEMO with more upbeat & radio friendly tunes & club bangers comming for 2012 along side new singles and videos ,.monalisa is an independant artist who alwayz worked for self, in management, investment artist, writer, performer, actress,model witch makes her a boss (boss lady) self made ! she has created a hype in the city !!, Monalisa ent. Is the only entertainment you'll ever need ! It's that package deal ! A chick gat clientele , sex appealin swag ,a bunch of fly chixx rollin with her , she knows how 2 rock a stage, hype up a crowd with her firey energy & traxx, good performer ,money back guarentee . All u need for ya party iz monalisa witch is also a great host . Take a deeper trip into her life and random situations, & touching discoveries of what it has taken this star to get to where she is today... get the full insight of the struggle and to what extent she won't stop in this journey of success at its greatest.