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Escape x Success

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Borden and Loe Pesci,2 deadly snipers in this hip hop game. Photo seen here was taken at the scene of the crime where a beat was set on fire by 80 rock and then verbally assaulted with BARS to the face.

Long Life Thoughts for the Month..

You cannot change another human being. Think how hard it is to change yourself! And even if you could, you would only bring them away from their purpose – changing themselves.

We can, however, provide help on physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual levels. We can attempt to influence others in ways we think would benefit them. We can try to act in a manner and make decisions that would serve as a positive role model.

But we must navigate the razor’s edge between teaching and preaching. Teachings means sharing your wisdom out of love and care, not because you want to convert or convince or coerce.