Slang Rap Democracy II

I was in attendance during the 2nd conference based on the Slang Rap Democracy and it was a beautiful thing to see the HIP HOP community share there experiences,emotions,trials and tribulations. Some had their say on having more female presence on the panel because there was only 1 up there. Topics were thrown back and forth like a realistic classification for the term success, how artists can better interact with fans, weather Montreal artist's actually have talent and so forth. There was tears and there were laughs. But let it be known, Montreal does have a Hip Hop community. In attendance was Mario Reyes Fuentes, Rickey D Daley, Urbn-Logix, Vincent Pryce, Full Course from LabNoise, Aïsha Cariotte Vertus, Shelz, Dj SevDee, Elonskee, Dirtwork, Don Smooth, The Narcicyst and more.. The video's below are from last years assembly.

M-city SOLO ft Ronnie Mack CLOCKING (Never Left)

@McitySOLO ft @TrehLamonte- Special Girl (NEVER LEFT) produced: Soopabe...


1. What is the beat or moment that made you wanna produce beats. (80) I gave a friend,shout out to DJ Fat Sak, a Van Halen sample and Rass Kass ended up on the beat.That's when i knew i should do this. 2. What's the best rhyme spat over your production? (80) By AG from D.I.T.C He said "I flow like Big L ghost in here" 3. If you can produce for anyone, who would it be? (80) Ghostface Killah 4. One instrumental you wish you would have done is? (80) Alchemist's "Loose Your Life" with Snoop Dogg,Pusha T and Jadakiss. 5.To create a banger, what do you need? (80) Need to have the perfect fresh sample nobody knows in my hands. THE COLLOABO-ALBUM "180 ROCKS" WITH BORDEN IS IN STORES NOW.